The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist For A Thorough Home Cleaning

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Cleaning your home thoroughly can be a rewarding but extensive task. To help you stay organized and ensure no area is overlooked, here’s the ultimate cleaning checklist. Feel free to adapt it to fit your specific needs and preferences:

General Cleaning:

  1. Dust all surfaces:
    • Shelves
    • Tables
    • Electronics
    • Decorative items
    • Light fixtures
  2. Wipe down surfaces:
    • Countertops
    • Tables
    • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
    • Appliances
    • Switch plates
  3. Clean glass surfaces:
    • Windows
    • Mirrors
    • Glass tables
  4. Vacuum and mop floors:
    • Carpets
    • Rugs
    • Hardwood or tile floors
  5. Vacuum and wipe baseboards:
  6. Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans:
    • Dust and wipe down
  7. Wash curtains or blinds:
    • Check care instructions first
  8. Wipe down doors and doorknobs:
    • Disinfect as needed
  9. Clean and disinfect trash cans:


  1. Clean appliances:
    • Microwave (inside and out)
    • Oven
    • Refrigerator (inside and out)
    • Dishwasher
  2. Sanitize kitchen sink and drain:
    • Use a safe cleaning solution
  3. Clean and disinfect countertops:
    • Pay attention to seams and corners
  4. Wipe down small kitchen appliances:
    • Toaster
    • Coffee maker
    • Blender, etc.
  5. Empty and clean out the pantry:
    • Discard expired items
    • Wipe down shelves
  6. Clean inside cabinets:
    • Remove items, wipe down shelves
  7. Wash dishes and utensils:
    • Don’t forget about dishwasher filters
  8. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor:


  1. Clean and disinfect shower/tub:
    • Address any soap scum or mildew
  2. Clean and disinfect toilet:
    • Including handles and surrounding areas
  3. Wipe down bathroom counters:
  4. Clean bathroom sink and faucets:
  5. Wash bathroom rugs and shower curtains:
  6. Clean mirrors:
  7. Empty and clean out bathroom cabinets:
  8. Replace or clean shower curtain liners:
  9. Sweep and mop the bathroom floor:


  1. Change bed linens:
    • Including pillowcases
  2. Vacuum and flip mattresses:
  3. Dust and wipe down furniture:
    • Dressers
    • Nightstands
    • Desks
  4. Clean under the bed:
  5. Organize and declutter:
    • Remove items that don’t belong

Additional Areas:

  1. Clean entryways and hallways:
    • Dust and wipe down surfaces
  2. Wash or vacuum curtains and blinds in other rooms:
  3. Dust and wipe down bookshelves:
  4. Clean and organize home office spaces:
    • Wipe down electronics
    • Organize papers
  5. Clean and disinfect remote controls and electronic devices:
  6. Dust and clean decorative items:
    • Picture frames
    • Figurines
    • Ornaments
  7. Check and replace HVAC filters:
  8. Vacuum and clean upholstered furniture:
    • Use appropriate cleaning agents
  9. Clean and organize laundry room:
    • Wipe down surfaces
    • Empty lint traps

Remember to gather all the necessary cleaning supplies before you start, and consider breaking down this checklist over multiple days if tackling the entire list at once seems overwhelming. Regularly maintaining your home using a checklist like this can contribute to a cleaner and healthier living space.

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