Fabric Whitener (500ml , Pack of 3)

Powerful formula that whitens and brightens white and light-colored fabrics
Helps to remove tough stains and yellowing for a fresh, clean look
Suitable for use on a variety of fabrics including cotton, linen, and synthetics
Can be used in both machine and hand washing
Easy-to-use liquid formula that can be added directly to the wash
Leaves fabrics looking bright and revitalized



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Shinemate Fabric Whitener is a powerful cleaning agent designed to restore the brightness of white fabrics. It is specially formulated to remove tough stains, yellowing, and dullness from white clothing, curtains, bed linens, and other washable fabrics.
The Fabric Whitener works by penetrating deep into the fabric to lift and remove stains, leaving the fabric looking fresh and bright. It is effective on a variety of stains, including dirt, sweat, food, and beverage stains.
To use Shinemate Fabric Whitener, simply add the recommended amount to your washing machine along with your regular detergent. Wash your white fabrics as you normally would, following the care instructions on the fabric label.
For best results, pre-soak heavily soiled or stained fabrics in a mixture of Fabric Whitener and water before washing. You can also use Fabric Whitener to spot treat stains by applying a small amount directly to the stain and rubbing gently before washing.
After washing, hang your white fabrics to dry in direct sunlight, if possible, as the sunlight can help to further whiten and brighten the fabric.
Shinemate Fabric Whitener is a convenient and effective way to keep your white fabrics looking their best. Use it regularly to maintain the brightness of your white clothing and linens.

To use Shinemate Fabric Whitener effectively, follow these steps:
1. Read the Instructions: Before using the Fabric Whitener, carefully read the instructions on the packaging to ensure proper use.
2. Pre-treat Stains (Optional): For heavily stained areas, you can pre-treat the fabric by applying a small amount of Fabric Whitener directly to the stain. Gently rub the Fabric Whitener into the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before washing.
3. Prepare the Washing Machine: Add your white fabrics to the washing machine, following the manufacturer’s instructions for load size and water temperature.
4. Add Fabric Whitener: Measure the appropriate amount of Fabric Whitener according to the instructions on the packaging. Add the Fabric Whitener to the detergent compartment of the washing machine.
5. Add Detergent: Add your regular laundry detergent to the detergent compartment of the washing machine. The Fabric Whitener can be used in conjunction with your regular detergent.
6. Start the Wash Cycle: Start the washing machine on the appropriate wash cycle for your fabrics. Use the recommended water temperature for the best results.
7. Dry the Fabric: After washing, remove the fabrics from the washing machine and hang them to dry in direct sunlight, if possible. The sunlight can help to further whiten and brighten the fabric.
8. Repeat if Necessary: For heavily soiled or stained fabrics, you may need to repeat the process to achieve the desired level of whiteness.
By following these steps, you can effectively use Shinemate Fabric Whitener to restore the brightness of your white fabrics and remove tough stains

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